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Over 120 styles of LED Fairy Lights


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Fairy Princess - LED 20
£29.95 Buy Now
Wicker Heart - LED 10
£21.50 Buy Now
Ambient Balls - LED 10
£19.95 Buy Now
PRE-ORDER  Enchanted Garden - LED 20
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PRE-ORDER   Wicker Heart - LED 20
£29.50 Buy Now
Tea Lights
£6.95 Buy Now
Cupped Candle - Demi
£12.50 Buy Now

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When Blaze On was born we dreamt of filling the world with candlelight - but where to begin? So many kinds of waxes, wicks and fragrance infusions – which ones? And… how does one infuse a simple candle with a cinnamon bun? From our stall in Portobello we peddled our colourful creations; first came the candles and then our fairy lights. As Blaze On began to bloom with strings of bright flowers, our table piled high with lots of sparkling treats. Now we're all grown up with two sensible bricks-and-mortar shops and a lovingly crafted mix of light-giving confections for you to try.