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Ambient Balls - 10 Lamps Blue Tones

Ambient Balls - 10 Lamps
Blue Tones

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Brand: Blaze On
Product Code: LED-AMB-BLU-10
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5 Metre Clear LED Light String with 10 Blue Toned Cotton Balls

We make these Ambient Ball Fairy Lights blue and white cotton. Fine threads are spun by hand to form a sheer, lightweight ball, about the size of a clementine. Once formed, balls dyed and starched to create their distinct architectural shape. Their delicate weave filters the LED to create a soft, magical ambient glow. 

  • Overall string length: 5 metres (16’ 5”)
  • Decorated Length: 3 metres with 33 cm between lights
  • Lead to Plug: 2 metres
  • Decoration: Approx. 5 cm

  • Designed by Lisa Durr & the Blaze On Artisan Collective.

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