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02 Jul

Lazy ways to hang your lights : Accessories Review

Posted By: blazeon

As we've had lots of mums asking, "have your ever thought about adding a switch to your light strings?", we decided to give the topic a blog post!  The idea was certainly worth looking into. During our research into adding a switch, we found that accessorising may be more practical


There are lots of reasons you may wish to have a separate light switch on your fairy lights  :

  1. Multiple devices or light sources prohibit one from switching off fairy lights at the plug point.
  2. Plugs are located behind furniture or other hard-to-reach places.
  3. To make general usage of you fairy lights just a little easier.


Building a switch into our light strings could add as much as £5 to each unit. It could also make the unit's performance less reliable by adding additional variables. So, armed with that information, we’ve left the £5 in your wallet so that you can accessorise as necessary.  We found the company Brennenstuhl who make a hostof really fantastic, child safe light accessories. They have great reviews onAmazon. Though they sent us a huge box of tricks to try, these are the two that impressed us!



Brennenstuhl Energy Efficient Remote Control Mains Socket Set with 3 Receivers

  • Retails for under £15 for the full set from Amazon. 
  • Get 3 remote sockets which are coordinated easily by a single remote. 
  • Sockets are designed to be childproof.
  • Up to 25 metres remote range.
  • Brilliant for placing devices around multiple spots in the home.
  • Handy for layering light strings in a single room.
TOP TIP: I love using these with my fairy lights in the bedroom, as you slowly wind down the light,it can help prepare the body for sleep.  Before you drift off,  shut down the lights with a final flick of a switch. I leave the fairy lights in my fireplace on last, to give the room a lovely warm lazy glow.  In the winter you can reverse this process to ease you into the day! 

Brennenstuhl Premium Line Technics 5-Way Multi Socket with 3 Switches  

  • Retails for under £25 on Amazon.  
  • Childproof sockets with break-resistant housing.
  • Includes 2 holes for wall mounts.
  • Brilliant for placing devices around multiple spots in the home.
  • Individual switches on 3 of 5 sockets.

TOP TIP: This is great for young pupils and students or in the office as electronic hub. Computer, desk lamp, fairy lights, laptop and charges can all be plugged in at one neat, easy access point. 

Right, that is all that we have time for today.  Standby for future blog posts where we test these products in action and give lots of ideas for layering Blaze On fairy lights.

If you liked any of these products please click on images below. 



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