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Fairy Light Guarantee

Blaze On Fairy Lights 1-Year Electronic Guarantee

Absolutely. Blaze On lights are triple tested. Light units are checked during production, again before strings are dressed and a final time before they are popped in their protective boxes and shipped to the UK. 

Just in case, all Blaze On fairy lights are also covered by a full 1-year electronic guarantee, valid from the date of purchase. We will need one of the following proofs of purchase to process the exchange; the Blaze On order ID, a receipt, a bank statement or credit card statement. Please note, this guarantee does not cover the shades/decorations, only the electronic components. 

We will also happily provide you with a free post label to return faulty product to our offices. Once your lights arrive back at Blaze On we are usually able to dispatch a replacement within 24 hours to anywhere in the UK.

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