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17 Dec

Gifts For Little Boys & Big Boys

Posted By: blazeon

Little Boys 3-6 

Little boys love our Crazy Car Fairy Lights. They adore all the bright colours, and of course the iconic Beetle car shape. If the kids are curious & boisterous, our Wicker Stars are great option.  These are fun and robust  with decoration that can easily be wedged back on!


Boys 6 - 13

If he’s grown out of cars & stars, our Ambient Ball Fairy lights are a fantastic option. Rainbow Balls & Blue Tones are brilliant for the younger boys 


Guys 14-21

Our Union Jack Ambient Balls were featured in Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's boys room at the Ideal Home Show. These mix well with both edgy and more classically styled guys rooms. 

The Rest

Ball Fairy Lights Again! Opt for Snowy White or Rustic Tones.  We also have some fantastic Demi Cupped Candles that men would love. Opt for our 'Leather Bound' candle with its woody notes or our 'Lime Basil Mandarin' cupped candle for a scent that is zesty,clean and fresh. Our Cupped Candles are presented in a lovely neutral white pot with a charcoal black presentation box that is fantastic for girls and guys alike. 

And that’s it! 

Happy Shopping! 

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