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Ethical Living

Blaze On is committed to environmental best practice in all our activities.  Whether in the UK or abroad we seek to grow our business with a parallel awareness and respect for the community.


People, Purchasing and Community Development

  • We collaborate with roughly 20 home-run businesses in Thailand, making it possible for parents to support their families and educate their children.
  • We purchase Fair Trade and ethically sourced, wherever possible and practical.
  • We prioritise suppliers whose environmental practices take into consideration the well-being of both planet and the community.


Recycling, Resourcing and Energy

  • We recycle waste products such as paper, toner cartridges, cardboard and plastic.  All thanks to our wonderful borough's recycling programme.
  • We use organic, responsibly sourced and recycled materials, where possible, in both production and in the running of our offices.
  • We promote the use of public transport and bicycles by staff – including management!!!  Our mums even have a lift club!


* See our About Us page for further information

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