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Radiant Hearts - 30 Lamps
Pink Tones

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Brand: Blaze On
Product Code: LED-RAD-PNK-30
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8 Metre Clear LED Light String with 30 Pink Toned Paper Hearts

We make the our Pink Toned Radiant Heart Fairy Lights from lush handcrafted mulberry paper. This wonderful paper is robust enough to stretch around our cookie-cutter wire frames, yet translucent enough to filter the light into a lovely soft lunar glow. 

  • Overall string length: 8 metres (26’ 2”)
  • Decorated Length: 6 metres with 20 cm between lights
  • Lead to Plug: 2 metres
  • Decoration: 6.5 cm high,  2 cm deep

Designed by Lisa Durr & the Blaze On Artisan Collective.

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Reasons to LOVE Blaze On LED light strings

  • LED string life expectancy up to 10 yrs (100,000 hrs)
  • Bulb hue modified to match soft light of traditional bulbs
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Eco friendly
  • No heat
  • Safe and reliable
  • NO bulbs to change


Spacing between decorations

  • 10 warm white LED lamps,  33cm space between lights
  • 20 warm white LED lamps,  15cm space between lights
  • 30 warm white LED lamps,  20cm space between lights


String details

  • Overall length of the light string is 8 meters or 26’ 2”
  • Distance from first bulb to the last bulb is 6 meters or 19’ 8"
  • Distance from plug to first bulb is 2 meters or 6’ 6”
  • Heart measures approx. 6.5cm high & 2cm deep
  • Colour of the cable is clear
  • Fitted with a fused 3 pin British plug
  • LED string itself can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Plug must always be connected indoors
  • Note: Heart decoration itself is not designed for outdoor use

Product Specifications

  • CE approved and meets the European Safety Standards EN60598-2-20
  • Complies with the European Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
  • Plug complies with trading standards BS 1363


  •   Packaged in a lovely box with a recyclable view window


WARNING: Not suitable for children under 3 years.


Growing the Glow

Blaze On Lights come in lots of different colours and designs, a perfect  paint-free makeover brighten any space.  Off or on, day or night, our lights will add a fabulous new dimension to any setting.


Though many purchase our lights for weddings, birthdays or other special occasions, they are also great to liven up pockets of the home.  Change your lights from seasons to season to give it a different feel.  Or mix and match different strings and create your own new look.


However you choose to use your lights – we hope they make you smile!


Light and Laughter – Blaze On


PS. If you have any pictures of interesting and creative ways you have used your lights – send them in – we'd love to see them!

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